Barbara Murray – BARBARA MURRAY INTERIOR DESIGN INC. Calgary, AB says:

“OMG!!!!! That’s AWESOME, Neb!!!!! As you say “close to perfection”! What a team!!!! Thanks a million!”

Marie Burgos – Marie Burgos Design (New York | Paris), says:

“I want to tell you how much you facilitate my job with your great CAD drawings.
You are efficient, reliable and the quality is great! I am very happy!”

Maria Leupelt – Sunlight Interiors Ltd. Victoria, BC says:

“I have had the pleasure of having used Neb’s services as one of our ‘on contract’ draftsmen.
Neb is reliable, knowledgeable of the CAD program, and always completed his work assignments on time.I would gladly use his services again, and recommend him to others.”

Darla Youldon – Senior VP at Ashwood Kitchens Inc. Ontario, says:

“Experienced, knowledgeable and personable!”

Genevieve Ghaleb – Genevieve Ghaleb Interior Design, Montreal, QC, says:

“Hey Neb….Have I mentioned that you are a bunch of awesome?”

Lisa Sinclair – VITA Design Inc. Victoria, BC says:

“Neb completes all projects with speed and accuracy. His work is superb, he is quick to respond and is a pleasure to work with!”

Grace Li – Marvelwoodworks, Vancouver BC, says:

“Great Neb…thanks! Calvin saw this and complimented your work!! We’re becoming a real good team!”

John David Evans – Carpenter Vancouver Island says:

“I have looked at Neb’s work and can attest to the quality of his highly detailed plans. As a carpenter with over 25 years of experience it is nice to see someone get it right.”

Madeleine Schmidt – Owner of Madeleine Schmidt Design Vancouver, BC says:

Neb is quick and thorough with his work, I would recommend him for your interior drafting and millwork needs!”

Susan Collins – Interior Designer at SMC Interior Design Service Vancouver, BC says:

“I have enlisted Neb for AutoCad drawings required for millwork, tile layout, floor plans etc. He is very efficient and reliable. I highly recommend him”

Kimberly Ayres – Kimberly Ayres Interior Design, San Francisco, California

“Neb has been an incredible partner throughout my entire experience working with him. We design luxury residential kitchens and baths that require precise detail and custom features. We strive to provide the best possible drawings for our clients and contractors so that communication and execution is flawless. Neb gets it and delivers. He’s responsive, timely and considerate of our budget.”