Neb is an independent CAD drafts-design accredited professional based in Victoria BC.

Neb’s previous work history was always revolving around technical and artistic. Fortunate enough to grow up in the Maquette Shop / Architectural Models Shop, Neb realized at early age that he enjoys doing precise drawings and creating things with his own hands. Educated in Sculpting and Ceramics, he soon started his own business to satisfy his entrepreneurial side. However, after 3 years, harsh economics and unstable political climate, conditioned Neb to search for a better place for him and his family. Canada was an obvious choice.

In Canada, Neb worked as a Model Maker, Sculptor and Drafter. In 1990, he was self-taught in AutoCAD and in 2000 he got formal training in AutoCAD 2000 – 2D and 3D. Working for several years in the Millwork Industry as a Custom Cabinet Drafts person, he also took courses in SolidWorks, CAD/CAM, SketchUp and several other applications.

In 2009 Neb decided to start his own drafting business, CADESIGNEB, and became specialized in Interiors and Millwork AutoCAD Drafting.

Note from Neb:

“Should you require professional drafting and designing services, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am confident that my skills and experience will help you build a superior design, which will enhance the success of your business and/or personal interests. My professional reputation is built on clients’ satisfaction. Look forward to hearing from you.”

Photo-realistic 3D Rendering is done by my associate, Alejandro Villegas Gázquez.

Alejandro is a very talented, experienced 3D/CAD artist. His work includes 3D Printing. His presence at CADESIGNEB is greatly appreciated and valued.

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